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Art at the Arena

Climate Pledge Arena and the Kraken honor Seattle’s colorful artistic history with “Art at the Arena,” a public art program featuring installations crafted by a diverse group of Pacific Northwest artists.

All exterior art at Climate Pledge Arena is part of the Seattle Center Art Tour presented by Alaska Airlines.


The East Greeter, adjacent to 2nd Avenue N running through Seattle Center, is a derivative in an “Ocean Series.”…

North Light is a light-based art installation for Climate Pledge Arena’s north architectural truss…

Axis Lounge is conceived as a microcosm of the Arena environment. Offering immersive visual, aural…

The inspiration behind The Raven and the Light, a meditative gathering space in the SE plaza, is…

“Crow Commute” is a long mural of etched stainless steel panels that will add up to a portrait of…

Culminating a prominent arena exit sequence, Legacy is a large immersive mural depicting…

An abstraction based on science, this mosaic wall evokes the idea of bodies in motion…
The Pacific Giant Octopus is one of the legendary creatures of our Salish Sea. This otherworldly artwork…


From Snow to Sea This is Pacific Northwest Energy

Location: Coors Light Landing Bar – LL2 Main Concourse North End

Date : October 2021

Artist : Jeff “Weirdo” Jacobson

Statement : This work represents the beautiful, natural, and city landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Blended together with the mysterious Kraken and biosphere architecture, the art talks about the larger idea of energy, and the hopeful future of our climate.

White Ashes 12

Location: American Express Hall – LL1 Pitchbook Suite Level East side

Date:  October 2021

Artists:  Kenji Hamai Stoll, assistance by Troy Long, and original photography by Evan Michio Cantwell

Statement:  Inspired by shifts in flower’s UV pigmentation and effects of climate change that are unknown and invisible to the human eye. 

Be Like Water

Location: American Express Hall – LL1 Pitchbook Suite Level  West side

Artist:  Angelina Villalobos Soto

Statement:  If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” -Bruce Lee

This dragon represents the determined spirit of The Pacific Northwest.  Painting a mural solo requires perseverance and belief in yourself. This quote by Seattle hero Bruce Lee is my motto when self-doubt starts to rear its head. This dragon enters the Arena glowing with power and assurance, representing the determined, energetic spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Its lush colors honor our region’s seasons, and the flowing shapes of the surrounding tilework are reflected in the dragon’s coiling body.

Lounge with orange couches and velvet pillows with abstract black, white, red, green, and orange mural in the background

Rare Form: vol. 1

Location: Amazon Music Lounge – LL4 Event Level

Date: October 2021

Artist:  Moses Sun

StatementRare Form: vol. 1 is a tribute to the energy music brings to the soul.  Moses Sun’s musical influences are as varied as the lines and colors of his painting.  Sun drew his visual inspiration from handwritten sheet music, oscilloscopes, and live performances by his favorite artists.  His painting soundtrack includes classical compositions by Erik Satie, the blues of Robert Johnson, the gospel of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, to Big Sean’s, Detroit 2, to name but a few.  Rare Form: vol 1 is the first of a series of works about the musical diasporas of the world.

map of seattle with blue abstract shapes painted over it

Emergence of the Kraken

Location: WaFd Bank Club – LL2 Main Concourse

Date:  December 2022

Artist: Stefan Frei

Statement: This work depicts an abstract representation of the “Emergence of the Kraken”. A vintage early 1900s map of Seattle juxtaposes the vibrant, geometric waters approaching the city. A path out of the mysterious depths of the ocean signals the imminent arrival of the Kraken. 

seattle hockey sticks space needle painted on concrete wall

Seattle with Style

Location: Loading Dock – LL4 Event Level

Date: December 2022

Artist: DVS Crew – Sam Sneke and Kris Hamper

Statement: This take on Seattle has been a collaboration with Amazon and Climate Pledge Arena to convey Seattle’s long history with nature and music, as well as classic Seattle sports teams.

Sneke and Hews have been painting together for 28 years and are considered by some as the illest crew in Seattle’s long graffiti history.

Art presented by Amazon


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