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One Roof Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the Seattle Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena’s commitment to community.  Founded upon the belief that the well-being of every person is tied to the well- being of every other person, and that the future health of humanity is dependent on the future health of our planet, One Roof Foundation is committed to building a more equitable society where everyone can realize a brighter future.  We invite our fans and our community to join forces with One Roof to ensure that all young people in our region have a roof over their heads, know that hockey is their game too, and have fresh air to breathe.   We are in this together – under One Roof.

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Together with Starbucks

The Kraken Unity Fund was created by the Seattle Kraken, One Roof Foundation, and Starbucks with funding from our ownership group, led by David Bonderman and Samantha Holloway. The purpose of the Fund is to honor inspiring individuals who are doing outstanding work to transform lives, enable resiliency, and uplift and unite our community across the Pacific Northwest.

A Kraken Unity Fund Honoree will be recognized at each of the Seattle Kraken regular season home games during the 2022/23 season. The individual honoree will select a nonprofit to receive a donation of $32,000.

Nominations open on May 24 and must be received by August 1 to be considered for the first round of selection. Selection of these winners will take place prior to the start of the 22/23 Kraken season in October. Nominations will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis through January 2023.

Learn more about One Roof Foundation mission, vision, and pillars here.  

Learn more about Starbucks’ commitment to communities here.  


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